“Twist Me” by Anna Zaires

You know, since the disastrous read I had last time, I told myself I needed to review a book I had already read, a book that I actually liked – so I could show my blog is not just me ranting on every literary work 😉

Twist Me (from the, aptly named, Twist Me series) is just my go-to book for whenever I’m in a bad mood and I need goodness in my life. Now, by goodness I don’t mean sunshine and rainbows (sadly 🌞) since it’s a bloody dark romance (please notice the emphasis on ‘dark’ 😂), but it’s a pretty good book where you can actually find a proper storyline and appropriate male MC. I personally really liked this series, so I’m hoping you guys will like it to.

Nora (our female MC) is a High-school senior full of plans and dreams about her future when she meets Julian (the male MC) in a club where she was celebrating with her friend. Their first encounter is intense:

He stands next to me, and I have to remember to breathe.

Fast forward some weeks, and she gets kidnapped one evening whilst having a date with her crush that she’s been pining on for ages. #sad #badluck

I mean, I would be gutted: the actual time you manage to go out with him, and that happens! Kidnappers are so inconsiderate 😒

Nora finds herself waking some place she doesn’t recognise… which turns out to be a whole private island. Owned by no other than Julian, of course.

What ensues is Nora trying to escape (which always happens in these captive books…), then getting angry and rebellious when she subsequently realises escaping is impossible… unless you can swim hundreds of miles of open sea 👌🏼

I personally loved Julian: he was such a believable character for a dark romance. His personality wasn’t bipolar like in other romances where they turn pussy-whipped after 2.5 seconds of meeting the female MC. He stayed consistent throughout, and I loved that, because that was more realistic than anything else I’d read.

Still, this would’t be a review of mine without at least something I didn’t like 😛 First and foremost, Beth irritated me to no end. She was just so annoying, I can’t believe she existed as a human character. She wouldn’t feel any empathy at all for Nora, and she idolised Julian like he was a God. Ugh, fair enough, whatever, I just learned to ignore Beth from then on.

Another thing that was a bit of a pet peeve for me… the fact that Nora fell for Julian so fast. Maybe it wasn’t actually that fast, but I personally thought so. At first it was just her body liking him, which is fine, it happens, but… legit, days later she starts talking about actual feelings for him. It made me go “Wait, wut?”

Finally, last (but extremely not least) the bad guys are terrorists. From the Middle East. I found that cliche as fuck, and not needed at all. I understand that usually all the terrorists seem to be from the Middle East, but they are not the only ones. Terrorists can be from any country. Anna Zaires could have brought more uniqueness and awareness by choosing terrorists from… dunno, bloody Alaska, or Australia… or even Sweden. That would have totally made me go, “Ohhh, this is a new one I haven’t seen before!”

Apart from all that though, I still believe this series as a whole is the Bible of all dark romances because of nicely put storyline and character play. All in all, it’s totally a book I’ve read multiple times, and I will continue to do so indefinitely. A truly great achievement for Anna Zaires ;D

See you all for my next blog post this Sunday, where I may or may not get back to ranting 🌝

Peace and love!

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