“Filthy Rich” by Serena Akeroyd

Filthy Rich (The Five Points' Mob Collection, #2)

Filthy Rich by Serena Akeroyd

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book… Hmmm, I was expecting more darkness… Heck, I was expecting more violence and action (and I usually don’t care for those in romances!) but this ended up being quite rosy and flowery in my humble opinion. I wanted a dark romance, dammit! I didn’t want to ‘awww’ at Eoghan (the male MC) when he shot the knees off Inessa’s father! 😦

Inessa (the female MC) was an enjoyable heroine. Certainly vastly better than a multitude of other heroines I’ve read in the past.
She’s the daughter of the Russian (mafia?) boss, and she’s promised by her dick of a father to be married off to Eoghan. Everyone seems to like her instantaneously. Convenient?

She had the grace of a ballet dancer and spoke like an American Princess Diana.

(Never heard that comparison before)

Eoghan is the son of the Irish (mafia?) boss instead. He’s not thrilled to be married – made even worse by the fact that he’s forced into it by his own father. Regardless, orders are orders.

At first, the book is all about Inessa’s family drama. Her father beats her up, she arrives at the wedding with heavy makeup to hide the marks, but of course Eoghan notices them and, consequently, dislocates her father’s shoulder in retaliation. How dare he touched what was his property!

Her father remarried after her mother died. The only thing we know about her stepmother, is that she’s called Svetlana, and apparently she’s nasty and a gold-digger.
Of course she fucking is 🙄

Svetlana the Slut, who had money grabbing whore written all over her, didn’t deserve shit, never mind something that mattered to Inessa.

We have to just trust everybody’s words about her personality and roll with it, because unfortunately we don’t read anything about her. God forbid we are given the chance to decide by ourselves. She’s called every name under the sun (bitch, whore, slut, etc etc…).
At the wedding, Eoghan’s mother even trips her?

A flurry of Russian came from Svetlana, who darted forward to attack me. My mother, God love her, stuck out her foot so the bitch went flying.

I laughed, amused by the scene, and Da followed me.

Ha ha ha. I was laughing so much, my face was stuck into a resting bitch face. Turns out, being a (apparently) ‘whore’ and ‘gold digger’ gives others excuse to call you names and trip you. Good to know.

But swear words are flung around- left, right and centre – and not just because of Svetlana. Now, I don’t mind swearing (heck, I actually swear a lot). At least, I thought I was pretty bad, up until I read this book! Bloody hell, it felt like none of the characters (especially the guys) couldn’t function properly without inserting at least two swear words inside every sentence they vomited out. I don’t know if it’s because they’re in the Mafia and the writer thought that’s how ‘bad boys’ speak. I don’t know if it was because the writer thinks this is how males speak normally. It was just irritating and over the top.

After all that family drama, as I mentioned before, it was all flowery and cheesy stuff, Inessa and Eoghan growing on each other emotionally, yada yada…

Towards the end, we also get chapters in other characters’ points of view. Totally not my cuppa, for I prefer to focus on only the protagonists for each book, I didn’t care for his brother, or sister in law, or even whoever the bloody hell Lodestar was. I skipped those.

Nevertheless, it ended cute enough.

I was a made man. I was a sniper. But through all the blood I shed, through all the violence I wreaked in our war torn city, I was so much more than either of those things.

I was her man.


And more importantly?

She was mine.


But… meh.

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