“The Viscount’s Sinful Bargain” by Kate Archer

The Viscount's Sinful Bargain (The Dukes' Pact, #1)

The Viscount’s Sinful Bargain by Kate Archer

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Cassandra (the female MC) is an unconventional lady that likes to shoot things with her beloved gun and gallop through the lands of her home. She arrives (or, more like, she is sent to London by her dear, old Papa) in Town for the Season. There, is when the most exciting of gossip starts circulating: 6 Lords, which are expected to become Dukes in the future, will have to get married posthaste, because their fathers (the current Dukes) said so!

Well, let me just say, I hated those fathers as soon as I read that little bit. I hate any character that forces/blackmails/pressurises others, either for their own devices, or because they think they know best. In this instance, blackmailing their sons to marry by the end of the year because marrying and making heirs is their duty dammit, how dare aren’t they doing it yet! Just… GAG

Apart from all that, Cassandra was not a likeable heroine in my opinion. She was the lady-doth-protest-too-much sort, and trying TOO hard to make it known that she was soooo not interested in any of those 6 Lords.

“He very much offended me actually,” Cassandra said. “He was all but wordless on the ballroom floor. I thought it rude and told him so.”

(Oh no! He didn’t talk with you! How could you ever live the rest of your life now…! -but.. wait… Shouldn’t you be not interested in him in the first place…?)

Obviously, if you’re not interested, that’s perfectly fine, don’t be. But she just had to conspicuously show it all the time! Either because she was angry and words would conveniently pour out of her mouth, or because… Well, she was angry.

“[…] I think,” she went on, “that the lord flatters himself over this pact. He wished to make it known that he was not on the auction block. I made it equally known that I was not bidding.”

(I don’t think anyone cared, Cassandra.)

Regardless, as it happens, Hampton (the male MC) is interested in her from the beginning:

The ladies he’d danced with that evening were all of a kind—eager to display their beauty and wit. Except, of course, Miss Knightsbridge.

(Of course 🙄)

Look, obviously, a bit of push-and-pull is entertaining in romances, but not when it goes too much and people become annoying because they can’t understand their inner feelings for the other.

Cassandra, dear, if you can’t fathom why ‘your eyes would unbiddenly turn to look at Lord Hampton’, don’t you think it might mean something?

Hampton, darling, starting gossip about Cassandra by you and your other friends is not the way to go in life. Maybe that time was better spent trying to formulate a better, more mature plan, hmm?

Not particularly enjoyed this book – as shown – because of immature characters that can’t be honest with themselves first and foremost. sigh

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