“Tame The Blade” by Alyna Lochlan


I truly enjoyed this book! The beginning was a bit slow to get into, but once the ball started rolling, I was sucked into it.

I loved the writing: the description was heavy, but in a positive way. Sometimes detailed narrative irritates me, but in this novel it was well-put.

Damon’s white teeth shone from the shadows. He had his feet crossed at the ankles and resting on the edge of the table as he reclined in the chair. His fingers were woven together on his chest, and his long brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail.

There were some grammatical errors, but nothing too bad, they certainly didn’t put a damper in the reading experience.

Elwynn, the female MC, has struggled all her life to hide her powers and understand herself. On top of that, lately some… otherworldly creatures have tried attacking her. Thankfully, a hot hunk is ready to save her 😌

Blade, the male MC, had a bit of a funny character 🙂

“Order the woman some food, then go catch some zzzs. I’ll take over monitoring for a few hours.”

How do you even pronounce ‘zzzs’?? 😂

The hero and heroine had a palpable bond (the whole ‘you’re-my-mate’ paranormal thing), however they did start expressing their love for each other a bit too quickly for me 👀

Elwynn’s soft fingers running along his jaw caused him to open his eyes to meet hers. Her concern caused him to hold her tighter against him. “Let me hold you a moment more.”

That was only chapter 6, and they’d literally known each other for only some hours 🙃

Their conversations were also very heavy, this time in a negative way. This happens in many books: characters speaking like they’re giving an informative lecture in university or something. Writers need to understand that people, when speaking, don’t really sound like this:

“I’m holding back everything that has happened until I feel safe and can work through it one step at a time. I’m still in survival mode. I’m on the edge of a cliff, holding tightly to the rock face until I find a place to let go and land safely. Is that what you wanted to know?”

It makes it look unrealistic (regardless of the fact this was a fantasy book 😂) and also kind of irritating.

But it was exceptionally funny how Blade replied to that:


I laughed so hard 😂 I couldn’t help but read it in a sarcastic tone of voice.

Or when in bed:

“Come to me, Blade. Take what I freely offer. There is no other I wish to give myself to.” She threw the sheet off her body and ran her hand over her breasts. “Touch me, please.”

Also, another thing that made me scratch my head was the disregard to universal physics laws. Apparently in this book throwing stars and other sharp objects, if thrown with enough force, can cause the victim to fly backwards:

Taking a silver throwing star, he aimed and hit the drox to the left of the leader. The silver-five pointed star punctured the vampire demon’s right eye with such force it caused him to fly backward and hit the ground, his head cracking against the pavement.

OR with a knife:

Blade threw the blade at the third vampire about to strike his brother’s back, hitting the vampire between the eyes. The vampire flew backward to hit the wall, the blade pinning him about two feet off the ground.

Now, I don’t know if magic was involved here, because usually the weapon, being sharp and having a very small surface area on impact, is supposed to cut through the enemy’s body instead. Just sayin’ 🙂

All in all though, it was an interesting (not sarcastic 😁) book, and I passed a nice couple of days reading it.

See you all next time!

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book which was kindly provided through NetGalley by this book’s publisher. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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