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“The Devil’s Own” by Liana LeFey

The Devil's Own (The Wicked Waywards, #1)

The Devil’s Own by Liana LeFey

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Didn’t end up meeting my expectations.

Devlin, riddled by a sudden broken leg out of nothingness, swaps identities with his twin brother and becomes the vicar (whilst his twin goes to take his place in London).

Mary has been… Ehhh, determined? That the vicar of her village is the perfect character to marry, therefore he just has to be her future husband!

For having pined after the real vicar for such a long time, I was surprised Mary didn’t see through the ruse quicker (I actually thought the story would have been about that).
The rest is some contrived bore of them visiting the locals to ask about their welfare, help them if in need, and so on and so forth…. Extremely boring.

I wanted a romance, not a guide on how to care for my flock of innocent lambs if I suddenly found myself a vicar.

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